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Fidelity Bank and FAB: A Ghanaian Success Story

Fidelity Bank and FAB: A Ghanaian Success Story
Fidelity Bank was launched in 2006 with a simple aim: To become a world-class financial institution providing the best in service and returns to its customers, shareholders and employees. 
Now, 10 years later, Fidelity Bank is one of the largest banks in Ghana, serving over a million Ghanaians and contributing over GHC 240 million to national development through taxes. In addition, Fidelity Bank has won over 60 awards, including the Bank of the Year award at the most recent Ghana Banking Awards.

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What is Online Trading?

Online Trader
You may have heard the term “Online Trading” before. But do you understand what online trading is? Do you understand how it works? 
Whether you’re new to the concept of online trading or already have some prior knowledge, this article was written for you.
In this post, we’ll tell you exactly what online trading is and how it works.

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