• Banking created with your unique requirements in mind.

    Banking created with your unique requirements in mind.

    We created a broad range of global banking services with no boundaries and no compromise for your unique requirements.

  • Welcome to a new way of trading

    Welcome to a new way of trading

    We are committed, to helping you achieve your aspirations by taking the time to understand your investment needs and provide you with the most relevant range of investment products, services and unwavering support.

  • Providing you solutions for your aspirations

    Providing you solutions for your aspirations

    We work closely with you to help you manage and grow your wealth over the long term benefit from our range of wealth management services and global experts.

We provide a range of products that suit your unique needs



Explore our range of global banking services, each created with no boundaries and no compromise to cater to your unique requirements.


Discover new markets and execute your trading strategies conveniently across our multi-platform using our extensive range of products.


Grow, manage or preserve your wealth, with our range of management services tailored to meet your needs and aspirations.


Why bank with us?

CEO’s Message

Our mission is to create a new way of banking

  • Fidelity Asia Bank “Fab” is about balance. Not only in product and price, but also people. With all the technology, products, ideas and opportunities at our disposal, we still need people to execute and make things happen.

K. Duker


Our partners

We are driven to provide you with a strong banking foundation developed together with our shareholders who are global leaders in banking, investment and trading.

Competitive Pricing

  FX All-Inclusive prices FX Volume-based prices
Pricing Model Spreads Only Spreads + Commissions 
Spread From 2.2
From 0.4
Commissions None $40 ~ $60 / million
Platform FabTrader/GO, MT4 FabTrader/GO only

Current Interest Rates

0.50 - 4.00%

Fixed Deposit USD |  As of 04/11/2016

0.12 - 0.26%

Fixed Deposit EUR |  As of 04/11/2016

0.45 - 0.75%

Fixed Deposit GBP |  As of 04/11/2016


Be extraordinary today

We understand every individual has different needs, which is why we have developed unique products tailored to help you achieve your aspirations. Your goals are our goals and we want to support you at every step of your journey.

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